Useful modules

Here is a list of useful modules:
  • retease - rebuild node teasers. Teasers (shortened versions of nodes) are cached. When you change the teaser length, only teasers of new nodes will be affected. This module rebuilds all teasers. It uses cron.php to distribute the job, so you might want to call cron.php several times manually.
  • fckeditor - a wrapper around the FCKeditor. You will need to download the actual editor as well. It is a Word-like editor which replaces the regular text box.
  • IMCE - you need this to insert images in FCKeditor.
  • login destination - redirects you to another page after logging in.
  • nice menus - gives you drop down (or left/right) menu's, Suckerfish style (eg. CSS-based, with Javascript workaround for Explorer).
  • Content Construction Kit (CCK) - lets you define other fields besides title and body.
  • Date - when combined with CCK it will give you a date CCK field. Includes Date API and a Javascript popup calendar when clicking on a date field.
  • Calendar - provides an event calendar based on the date API.
  • collapsiblock - provides collapsible blocks using Javascript.
  • jstools - Javascript tools, required for collapsiblock.
  • auto nodetitles - autogenerates the title and surpresses its display when your content type can do without a title.
  • token - provides variable substitution which works nicely together with auto nodetitles.
  • flashvideo - lets you incorporate JW's mediaplayer (to be downloaded seperately) to display your video's. This module can use FFMPEG to automatically convert your video's to flashvideo format (.flv) which is commonly used especially on Youtube.
  • views - provides a graphical interface for constructing your database queries, to generate lists of nodes.