Firefox already running

I had this problem on one machine. When closing firefox, and opening firefox again, a message appears about Firefox already running. A "killall firefox" will allow you to start firefox again. However the real problem is that Firefox sometimes hangs when closing it. When it does not, it often just crashes with a segmentation fault. You can fix this problem by removing a package called "gtk-qt-engine":

aptitude remove gtk-qt-engine


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I have faced this problem many times and I close the browser and refresh my desktop before opening the Firefox browser. I have found the best essays to recognize the actual problem with it and I got the solution for this problem and I fixed it.

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I too faced this problem many times.when i tried to reopen Firefox,The message appears saying Its already running.Can you please tell me where i can find "gtk-qt-engine" to disabled? I checked similar problem on

Firefox will always run most

Firefox will always run most especially if it is updated. Make sure all drivers are compatible. - Timothy Singhel