To add permissions, use hook_perm() in your module:

function mymodule_perm() {
   return array('access something special');

This will appear in Drupal's permissions list, so you can specify which roles should have this permission.

You can check if the current user has this permission like this:

if (user_access('access something special')) {
   // Do something special

Providing permissions for

Providing permissions for activating particular functions can help in the easy access of the website. But some functions should be made confidential and it should be used only by the authorized person. Hope this code will be sufficient to active this. modular home manufacturers

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You don’t have to add separate permission rules for each user. Best thing will be to give only super user permissions and give the password to the ones you trust. Adding too many codes will break the security. It is better not to do that. best manufactured homes


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