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For search engines it is important to supply keywords and descriptions for your pages. The nodewords module (new name Meta tags) allows you to enter keywords and a description when you create or edit a node. This information will be put in the meta tags of the page.


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There are many tools available on the internet for adding Meta tags. You just have to link them with your website and everything will go fine. You don’t have to take care of the Meta tags yourself. The plugin you added will send you reports. professional medical billing

If you want to create any

If you want to create any website these Meta tags are very important these tags will say to the search engine what your website is all off. Keywords are very important one where search engine recognize and allow users to access your website when they search your keyword in the search engine. According to articles For better ranking of website in search engine these Meta tags will play very important role.

One of the most important in

One of the most important in making a website are the Meta Tags.
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If your Meta Tags are not carefully set, then you will have problems in ranking your website in the SERPs especially Google.
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The tags itself is one way to

The tags itself is one way to show if something works or not. It is usually under the case of changing things for the better. - Bath Planet