To create a screencast use a program called recordmydesktop:

recordmydesktop -fps 5 -o outfile.ogv

Use Ctrl-C to end the screencast. The program will start encoding the raw data to an Ogg Vorbis video file. Here are some useful options:

  • -x, -y, -width, -height: specifies a rectangular area to capture
  • -windowid: specifies which window to capture. Use xwininfo to get the window ID.
  • -fps: specifies the number of frames per second
  • --no-sound: prevents capturing audio
  • --full-shots: capture full frames. This will cost more resources but it allows you to capture GL windows.

Another example:

recordmydesktop --no-sound -fps 25 -windowid 0x2600012 -o outfile.ogv