Event calendar

To setup an event calendar you need these modules:

Download jQuery UI 1.6 from http://code.google.com/p/jquery-ui/downloads/list?q=1.6, unzip it in sites/all/modules/jquery_ui and rename the created jquery.ui-1.6 directory to jquery.ui.

Enable the modules:

  • content,
  • date api,
  • date timezone,
  • date,
  • date popup,
  • jQuery UI,
  • calendar,
  • views
  • views_ui

Create a content type with a date or datetime field in it, and create some nodes with it. Under views, enable and clone the calendar view. In the argument settings of the cloned view you will find something like Date: Date. Click on it and change its settings to watch for your date field instead of the default post date. You also need to change the field and sort settings in the same way. Save the view and go to the block settings. Enable the block for this view and you should see a calendar with your event dates highlighted.