Pinnacle PCTV Hybrid Stick Solo 330e (updated 25-07-2010)

This USB device is a combined analog TV and DVB-T (digital TV) receiver. In the past, I got it working on Kubuntu 8.10 thanks to Markus Rechberger who made experimental drivers for this device back then that actually work. Unfortunately he decided to remove his source code from, and somehow nobody appears to have a backup. Really. Fortunately Devin Heitmueller decided to make a new port and posted it here. I tested it on Kubuntu 10.04 and it works perfectly. Here is what I did.

Become the root user (sudo su) and install the necessary tools:

aptitude update
aptitude install build-essential gcc libncurses5-dev linux-source linux-headers-generic mercurial
aptitude install linux-firmware-nonfree dvb-apps kaffeine

The linux-firmware-nonfree package contains the file xc3028-v27.fw (among others) which is copied to /lib/firmware. We need 2 more files in there. Download the 2 drxd*.fw files from and copy them to /lib/firmware manually.

Update 30-07-2010: in case kernellabs is offline, you can also download the 2 firmware files near the end of this page. Also instead of using the hg clone command below, use the attached .tar.bz2 file and extract it using tar jxvf v4l-dvb-drxd-25062010.tar_.bz2 (the underscore was inserted by Drupal when uploading; nothing to worry about).

Build and install the driver:

cd /usr/src
hg clone
cd v4l-dvb-drxd
make menuconfig (under Multimedia support -> DVB/ATSC adapters, disable the FireDTV driver because of build errors) make -j4 make install

Reboot, insert the stick and connect the antenna.

Start kaffeine, select "Digital TV" en let it scan for channels (hit "c", then choose "Start Scan"). If the buttons are disabled, then go to the menu, select "Configure Television", select the tab "Device 1" and select "Autoscan" as Source. Then hit "c" again to see if the "Start Scan" button is enabled. Let it scan for channels. You can stop scanning by pressing "Stop Scan". Add the channels found to the list on the left. Click Done. Click the TV icon on the left and choose a channel from the list.

In case of trouble, check if the directory "/dev/dvb" exists and is not empty. If that directory does not exist, then something may be wrong with the firmware, driver or the device itself. If you are not able to find any channels, then use the dmesg command to check if the driver and firmware both load ok. If you are able find some channels but fail to play them, then check if those channels are free-to-air (not encrypted channels). Also, if Kaffeine wants to install additional codecs, let it do so, because they are needed for DVB playback.


If you use other programs to view DVB, you often need a file called channels.conf, which provides channel data. You can generate it using scan (or scandvb on distro's other than (K)Ubuntu), but this program still needs a so-called initial tuning data file, because it cannot do a full frequency scan. This initial tuning data will look something like this:

T 722000000 8MHz NONE NONE QAM64 8k 1/4 NONE
T 818000000 8MHz NONE NONE QAM64 8k 1/4 NONE
T 762000000 8MHz NONE NONE QAM64 8k 1/4 NONE
T 498000000 8MHz NONE NONE QAM64 8k 1/4 NONE

This is for the Hague, in the Netherlands. The important part is the 2nd column, 722000000 means 722MHz, which is channel 52. Here are the channel numbers for the Netherlands: and you can map the channel numbers to frequencies using this: Adjust the numbers for your region. Then you need to run scan, like this:

scan initial-tuning-data > channels.conf

This channels.conf file can be moved to whereever it is needed:

cp channels.conf ~/.mplayer
cp channels.conf ~/.xine
sudo cp channels.conf /etc/vdr

VDR (outdated, not finished)


aptitude install vdr libxineliboutput-sxfe xineliboutput-sxfe vdr-plugin-xineliboutput

Edit /etc/vdr/plugins/plugin.xineliboutput.conf if needed. Edit /etc/vdr/svdrphosts.conf if needed. It specifies which remote hosts may connect. Edit /etc/defaults/vdr:


Start the daemon:

/etc/init.d/vdr start

Start Xine. Click the XVDR button.


drxd-a2-1.1.fw11.29 KB
drxd-b1-1.1.fw11.29 KB
v4l-dvb-drxd-25062010.tar_.bz24.19 MB


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I was facing difficulty using

I was facing difficulty using Pinnacle PCTV device on Kubuntu for a long time and from your tutorial I identified that my Kubuntu version is not updated. I am using this USB because of a research topic where I need to record some TV programs and then identify methods to pay someone to write an essay UK and USA. Thanks

new kernel

Tnanx, works great !

p.s. when Ubuntu changes kernel, headers etc. I have to install all over again . Is there any way to copy installation, or something...?


Re: new kernel


About your question, there is something called DKMS which takes care of updating and rebuilding modules automatically whenever the kernel is updated. The nVidia graphics driver and the VirtualBox drivers work that way. However, it requires some work by someone who understands how DKMS works. The best solution would be including the module in the kernel. offline

Hi, is now offline. Could you please post online dvb-t firmware's file? Thanks so much

Re: offline

Sure. See the attachments.

 Where are the attachments?

 Where are the attachments? Simone


***However, taking the case of the difficulties it encounters, so many people have raised the issue of UBS connection and so on.>>>> *********************** I was really enchanted to read the whole details of the updated version of Pinnacle PCTV Hybrid stick solo. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Re: Where are the attachments?

Above comment #1.