First enable the following built-in modules:
  • locale
  • content translation
In the content type settings, workflow settings, set the multilingual support to Enabled, with translation. Now, when creating or editing content, a translate tab appears which enables you to add a translation of the current content. Language packs can be downloaded from the Drupal site and extracted in Drupal's root directory. Then, in the language settings, add the languages. This will import the translations from the language packs. To make menu's language aware, install the Internationalization module, and enable the menu translation module. To place language icons automatically, install and enable the Language icons module. Make sure that in the language settings, the language negotiation is set to path prefix, with language fallback. Also make sure that every language has a path prefix. By default the english language has an empty path prefix, which may cause an unexpected language to appear.

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This feature will help a lot

This feature will help a lot to citizen who don`t know English language and people want to read websites like blogs in their own mother tongue. This will help the website to reach more people around the world and get good ranking and traffic to it which helps the web owner to get good business also. Drupal is doing great work by allowing there user to use this translation tab in their websites.

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Hi there tim

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