Other fields besides title and body

Content types by default have a title and body. That's it. If you want something else you probably need a module called the Content Construction Kit (CCK). This allows you to add text fields, number fields, select lists etc.. There are several other modules which define other CCK field types, like Date and Imagefield. All CCK fields and their labels are displayed within the body field and this is not always what you want. Sometimes you want to print the CCK fields seperately from the body. This might be a reason to disable the body field. To do that simply set the label of the body field to the empty string. If you want to disable the title... that's more complicated. The title is always required. To workaround that, there is a module which can automatically set the title, and disable the display of the title field. The module is called Automatic nodetitles. If you install the Token module as well, you can specify CCK fields to put into the title. This prevents having the same string in all titles.