If you work in the healthcare, then this is probably for you. Dcm4chee is a DICOM-server built on top of dcm4che, which is a collection of open source applications and utilities for healthcare IT. This document covers the installation of dcm4chee, which is not very straightforward. Some knowledge of MySQL and friends (for example phpmyadmin) is required.

Installation of Java JDK

Dcm4che(e) is written in Java. We need either JDK version 6 or 7. The Sun/Oracle-version is preferred above OpenJDK. Version 6 is most tested. Run the following commands as root:

add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java
aptitude update
aptitude install oracle-java6-installer
aptitude install oracle-java6-set-default
java -version
You will see something like 1.6.0_45 for java6 or 1.7.0_72 for java7.

Become a regular user (no root).

Set the environment home variable:

export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-oracle
assuming you are using java6. The correct path can be found by running the command "which java" and following the symlinks.

Download the software

Install and run

  • Extract all downloaded files.
  • Replace the 32-bit dcm4chee-*-mysql/bin/native/libclib_jiio.so by the 64-bit jai_imageio-1_1/lib/libclib_jiio.so.
  • Run:
    cd dcm4chee-*-mysql/bin
    ./install_jboss.sh /path/to/jboss-4.2.3.GA
  • In install_arr.sh adjust the version number of ARR. I replaced 3.0.11 by 3.0.12.
  • In the same file, at the end, adjust the version number of the dcm4che-core used in ARR. I replaced 2.0.25 by 2.0.27. This correct version number can be found by looking at this filename: dcm4chee-arr-*-mysql/server/default/lib/dcm4che-core-2.0.27.jar.
  • Run:
    ./install_arr.sh /path/to/dcm4chee-arr-3.0.12-mysql
  • Using phpmyadmin create a user and database called "pacs".
  • Import the file: dcm4chee-*-mysql/sql/create.mysql into database "pacs".
  • Create a user and database called "arr".
  • In the file /path/to/dcm4chee-arr-3.0.12-mysql/sql/dcm4chee-arr-mysql.ddl replace the string "type=" by "engine=".
  • Import this file into database "arr".
  • Adjust the database URL, user and password in the following files:
    • dcm4chee-*-mysql/server/default/deploy/pacs-mysql-ds.xml
    • dcm4chee-*-mysql/server/default/deploy/arr-mysql-ds.xml (which is a symlink)
  • Run:


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